Knights of Columbus


From the day of the founding of the Knights of Columbus by Father Michael McGivney in 1882, the organization has been dedicated to its first established principle, charity.  Father McGivney was deeply concerned that dangerous working conditions at the onset of the Industrial Revolution were leaving families fatherless and without resources.  The foundation was set in support of families in need and has grown to international proportions and a membership in excess of 1.9 million Catholic men.  The formation of a life insurance model was established in unison with the a fund of resources to further assist those in need and at risk and now is the fifth largest insurance company in the United States.   Charitable contributions of the Knights of Columbus have grown for 16 consecutive years and totaled a record $173.6 million in 2014.  Likewise, charitable service hours have risen to 71.4 million hours annually or near a full workweek on average for each member. 


At Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, the Knights of Columbus focus upon the Core Principles which have developed and been refined over the last 134 years of its existence.


Charity – Love thy neighbor as thyself and support both spiritually and materially.
Unity – We support fellow Brother Knights as the means to promoting and assisting our Parish, Community, and beyond.


Fraternity – Together we find those in need and collectively focus our attention on the means to provide the basic elements of daily life.


Patriotism – We are proud of our love and devotion to God and country while striving to be exemplary citizens. 


Executing these Core Principles at OLSOS takes place through key events which provide the means with which to further the needs of the Parish, School, Community, and national/international initiatives.  Specifically, the OLSOS Council conducts annual fundraisers such as the St. Nicholas Pancake Breakfast, the Italian Dinner Evening, the Spring Social, and the Tootsie Roll Drive.  These events involve the participation of the School faculty and parents, the Parish Office, Clergy, and the extended Parish population. 


The fundraisers are conducted with key beneficiaries who include St. Aloysius Outreach Center, St. Patrick’s Senior Center, St. Charles Kitchen, and the special needs children and adults in our Community and State.  In excess of 500 meals are prepared by the OLSOS Knights of Columbus Council for the homeless and needy in addition to seasonal clothing.  Further benefit is provided to Seminarians, Right to Life agencies, and Special Olympics.  Parish School sponsored activities include the Soccer Challenge, Basketball Free Throw Competition, Spelling Bee, Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Competition and  an annual Catholic High School Scholarship. 


Men 18 years of age and older are encouraged to consider membership or to make inquiries regarding the OLSOS Knights of Columbus Council.  There are no volunteer or meeting quotas required.  The accompanying 24-Hour Knight brochure does, however, provide further examples of how participation may be achieved at a level complementary to an individual family, business and social life style.


For further Knights of Columbus information or membership inquiries, please contact the following individuals.


Dennis Janowski                                                                         Tom Millen
Grand Knight                                                                              Membership Director
313/884/2549                                                                             313/469/6684